AI is Now

Unify your data and transform your operations with our AI Platform

What is Arkham?

AI transformation, today

Arkham is the AI Platform that will transform your company’s operations to create unprecedented productivity and efficiency.

Leading C-level executives recognize AI represents a fundamentally new technology paradigm. Leveraging Arkham, they can unify their data and create a lasting competitive advantage.

Success Stories

Industry leaders partner with Arkham to transform their operations

With our platform, LATAM's largest infrastructure fund uncovered a $5M growth opportunity and a top financial institution in Mexico automated 80% of their audit operations.

Use Cases

Unlock the potential of your data and solve your most pressing operational challenges

From accelerating access to business insights to automating critical processes, our customers are implementing groundbreaking use cases across all aspects of their operations

Transform Asset Management

Unify fragmented portfolio companies’ data. Automate Asset Management reporting & forecasting and deploy AI-powered alerts to establish strict operational controls.

Automate Audit Operations

Automate over 80% of your auditing processes with our Gen AI capabilities.

Identify and Capitalize on Nascent Trends

Leverage our time-series forecast model library to gain an operational edge.

Automate Financial Operations

Automate your P&L and fiscal reporting through our automated data pipelines, reducing your time to close by 50%. Enhance OPEX control with proactive supplier monitoring.

Accelerate Access to Business Intelligence

Our AI Assistant democratizes access to business intelligence and unlocks productivity in your operations.

Activate Real-Time Anomaly Detection

Deploy our SAT connection and anomaly detection models to identify and rectify invoicing anomalies instantly.

How it works?

True AI Transformation begins with exceptional data


Arkham’s Delta Lake
is a modern data warehouse for the new era of your organization

Integrate structured and unstructured data at scale. Enable a unified source of truth across your operations and obtain reliable data with built-in quality controls.

Unify data governance across your organization


Use the right models for the right use cases

Arkham simplifies the complexity of training and deploying Machine Learning and Generative AI models for your specific use cases, allowing you to focus on driving operational change.


Arkham’s self-service tools empower your teams to make AI transformation a reality

Arkham provides a comprehensive toolkit from low-code applications for data transformation to AI-Powered business intelligence and data analysis assistants, enabling your teams to achieve unmatched productivity and efficiency.

Fully compliant with SOC 2, GDPR, and ISO 27001

Build the next era of your organization with our AI Platform