Our mission

To transform the operations of enterprises across the Americas with our Data and AI platform, helping them achieve unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency.

About Us

In today's rapidly evolving global landscape, companies in the US, Mexico, and LATAM must gain a sustainable productivity advantage to remain competitive.

The rise of AI offers a unique opportunity for leaders to transform their operations and secure this critical edge. However, most enterprises lack the foundational capabilities to effectively leverage Machine Learning and Generative AI in their operations, relying instead on legacy ERPs, operating systems, and Excel-based processes.

This problem is close to our hearts. We've witnessed firsthand how large Mexican startups and US corporations struggle with outdated tech stacks and fragmented data, severely impacting their operations.

We built Arkham to solve this problem. Over the past year, we have become the trusted partner of enterprises across infrastructure, hospitality, and financial services, enabling them to unify legacy systems and fragmented data, automate critical workflows, and deploy AI models to transform their operations.

Global operators with deep local expertise

We are Data Scientists, Engineers and Designers on a mission.

Mau Sepúlveda



Hec Monarrez



Estefania Barreto

Head of Artificial Intelligence


Dinorah Tovar

Product & Software Engineering


Alex Herce

Architecture & Dev Ops


Edmundo Legorreta

Product Design


José Antonio Malo

Software Engineering


Rául Mosqueda

Data Science


Our investors

In October 2023, we announced our $2 million in a pre-seed round led by Ruth Foxe Blader of Anthemis Group and Sandy Kory of HorizonVC.

We extend our gratitude to Nido Ventures and the remarkable array of angel investors and advisors collaborating with us to revolutionize the future of Data, AI, and Automation in LATAM.