Asset Management and Market Intelligence

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Automation of Asset Management Reporting Requirements
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Case Study

Asset Management and Market Intelligence


Leading Infrastructure Investor managing 20+ projects across LATAM


Over the past 15 years, our customer acquired multiple infrastructure projects in Mexico and Colombia. This expansion strategy left a diverse array of ERPs, operating platforms and data sources scattered across their operations making asset management reporting processes highly complex.

This complexity was particularly acute in their highway operations. Each of their five highways operated on a different system, driving significant  operational inefficiencies.

The customer's C-suite was keen on solving these issues, but doing so would  demand  substantial  resources and ongoing support. Their IT team estimated it would take at least a year to build the technology infrastructure and assemble the team required to get the job done.

Solution and impact

In 12 weeks, our client automated Asset Management Reporting and Forecasting with Arkham. Analysis that used to take weeks to complete, are now automatically updated on a daily basis for the CFO and Asset Management Team.

Our customer also gained insights into the logistics companies using their toll roads, laying the groundwork for a business development strategy projected to generate USD $5M in 2024.

Deployment process

Let's look at the specific solutions driving our customer's results.

1.- Data Integration and ETL development

The customer's journey began by integrating their Toll and Traffic Management Systems into Arkham using a JDBC connection. They also added logistics vehicle ownership data to enrich their Asset Management reports.

After this data integration, they used Arkham’s Pipeline Builder, our low-code tool for data transformation, to automate their Asset Management Reporting and gain insight into the logistics companies operating on their highways.

2.- Automated Asset Management Reporting

The customer took advantage of our low-code workbook creation tools to automate all the necessary Asset Management analytics and reports, which previously took about 7 days to produce.

3.- Deployment of Time Series Forecasting

With our AI Platform, our customer was able to deploy an out-of-the-box time series forecasting module. This module includes seven models (BATS, Theta, ETS, ARIMA, XGBoost, Holt-Winters, and Prophet) and it features a user-selected weighted ensemble. As a result, our customer receives a weekly revised forecast of key operating metrics such as Annual Average Daily Traffic.

Next steps

Having unlocked unprecedented efficiency and intelligence with Arkham, our customer is currently evaluating the expansion of our platform’s capabilities across their entire infrastructure portfolio in 2024.